Service Fees for Out of Pocket Payments

  • 50 minute sessions for individuals - $150
  • 50 minute sessions for couples - $175
  • 90 minute sessions - $250

Payment is due at time of service and may be made by cash, check, debit/credit card, and PayPal.

I do have sliding scale spots available in my practice which is determined by your present financial situation. Feel free to inquire about my sliding scale fees during our initial phone conversation.


I accept the following insurance plans and will bill your insurance directly.

  • Cigna
  • United Behavioral Health/Optum

A therapy hour is 45 minutes for clients using insurance.

Insurance Options:


If your insurance is not listed above, that means I am out of network. However, you may be entitled to reimbursement through "out-of-network" benefits. These vary by insurance company, and you will need to check with your specific insurance plan to find out how these work for your plan. I will be happy to supply you with a superbill to file with your insurance plan.

To find out about coverage through your plan, call your member services representative and ask:

  1. Do I have "outpatient mental health benefits"?
  2. Do I have coverage to see a behavioral health provider who is "outside of my insurance network"?

If the answer to both of these questions is "yes," then also ask:

  1. Do I have an "out-of-network deductible"? How much is it?
  2. How much of my out-of-network deductible has been met?
  3. What percentage of the provider's actual fee does my plan cover?
  4. Do I need authorization for the visit? If so, how do I go about getting this?

Note About Insurance: Insurance companies require a diagnosis for billing purposes. This diagnosis does become part of your medical record. Generally, insurance companies (life, disability, possibly medical) request medical records when determining coverage. Please keep this in mind if you wish to file claims through your insurance company.


A third option you have is to use your Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about these options during our initial phone consultation.

Appointment Cancellation:

The fee for missing an appointment or canceling with less than 48 hours notice is the full amount of the session. Clients who use their insurance will be charged the amount that your insurance company would have paid me for the session. Your insurance company will not pay for missed appointments so you will be responsible for this charge. If I can fill your session time with another client, I will not charge you.

Communication Between Sessions:

There is no charge for administrative communication, such as payment or setting up appointments. Therapeutic communication by phone will be billed in ten-minute increments. There will be no charge for the first ten minutes of communication however every minute thereafter will be a charge of $2.00/minute.
I do not conduct therapy via text or email.

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