Crease Shirts was started to solve a simple problem: where do you begin to start dressing better? The most important piece of clothing that a man can where is his shirt. We are a fashion house with the sole focus of delivering you the best shirts. We combine seasoned stylists, expert service, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a highly personalized experience that helps you look your best.

Crease (a line or ridge produced on cloth by folding, pressing, or CRUSHING it) We are crushing the shirt game by making the most striking shirts you can find.

Our Fabrics

It all starts with the fabric. Over the years we’ve become experts in dress shirt fabrics, working directly with some of the world’s greatest fabric mills across Europe, Japan and China. We’re also endlessly digging through the archives of Thomas Mason, Canclini, Albini and others searching for the perfect styles.

Increasingly, we’ve been designing our own custom fabrics, selecting the precise colors, patterns and construction to achieve the ideal look, comfort and performance. In all categories, we carry a wide range of fabric qualities from relatively basic constructions up to luxurious 120s two-ply sea-island cotton.

Custom Fit

If you’re particular about how a shirt fits, you’re in good company. Our custom size options are incredibly comprehensive for any body type. We have a powerful custom sizes interface, combined with clear, helpful advice and videos to give you full control of your sizing and fit.

We’ve also pioneered new size technologies such as Smart Sizes, which leverages powerful statistical algorithms and our large data-set of sizes to predict your perfect fit. And it’s our perfect fit guarantee, complimentary alterations and expert customer service that help ensure you end up with shirts that fit exactly right.