Design Your Shirt

We have a menu of the best styles that shirt making has to offer. If you don’t see it here, you should not be wearing it. We’re happy to tell you why.


Our Spread collar is a traditional and timelessly elegant size and shape. The collar is two-piece with loose woven lining and hand-turned with removable collar stays. Makes any tie stand ‘proud’ as well as looking cool and confident with a button or two undone.


Crease’s Cutaway Collar is fashioned a bit wider to boast a wider tie knot. If you’re going for a bit of a continental look then consider our Spread with removable collar stays. Looks great undone a button or two under a sharp blazer.

French Cuff

The French cuff — it’s the one you’ll need cuff links for. Choose this style for a polish that no one can deny.

2-Button Cuff

Ideal for those who enjoy a more fitted feel. These cuffs feature two buttons which add distinction and create a great presence.



Julian L.

“I never write reviews, but this time I just had to because buying from Crease was an amazing experience. They find out what’s
important to you, and then you don’t have to do anything but wear the shirts and wait for the compliments to roll in.”

Michael C.

“The ordering and sizing process is awesome! After getting my first shirt, I threw out one of my non-custom shirts. I do this every time
I get a new delivery from these guys. Once you start, you will never go back to wearing badly fitting shirts off the rack again.”